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Working with You Every Step of the Way

When you contact us, we will walk you through every step of your bathroom or kitchen remodeling and renovation project. We’ll listen to your wants and needs and help you create a vision that is affordable. Regardless of whether you simply need help with a tile and flooring installation project or you want to completely renovate your old bathroom and kitchen, we’ll let you know precisely what we need to do before getting started. Because we sell tile and flooring and have access to different styles of hardware and cabinets, we’ll find the perfect materials that fit your vision.

Established in 2001, AC & R Construction & Renovation has been proudly providing quality bathroom and kitchen renovations for clients throughout Orange County for a number of years. Because we take pride in our work, we only hire reliable professionals and experts who share our passion for creating beautiful bathrooms and kitchens that are simply unmatched.

Getting the exact vision that you want for your new bathroom or kitchen requires expertise and knowledge about the products available on the market. As a licensed kitchen remodeling and renovation company, we can assist you by bringing your vision to life. Whether you simply want to upgrade your existing hardware, install a new tile floor or completely overhaul your bathroom or kitchen with a brand new look, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Established in 2001.

At AC&R we understand that remodeling or repairs done in your home is something you need to have a professional do. However, picking the correct one is not easy and at best it’s a crap shoot. You need to feel that the professional you choose is someone you can trust and rely on. This is where we excel in customer service. We know how to communicate, be on time, deliver what we say, complete it on schedule, and best of all do all this in a respectful way. Taking care of your home is why you called us. Our promise: 1. Be on time and communicate with you. 2. Clean up after we finish every day. 3. Stay on schedule. 4. Deliver what we promise. Please call us and we will gladly deliver great service.

Meet the Business Owner

Robert has many years in the home repair industry. He started with flooring, gaining more experience, entered the natural stone and tile maintenance and repair, then as his clients requested him for more help with showers. Robert began to remodel showers and tile installations. From there it was natural to enter the service and repair of residence.

Robert enjoys the beach, camping, and being with family. Loves the outdoors and would someday love to live in a forest area. Robert loves to sightsee and spend time traveling, especially at night when it is cool. He loves sports. Pro football, hockey, and sailing. Loves to bike ride along the beach.  Likes to hear classic rock and oldies music.

Professional Renovations in Orange County

Contact us today, and we can help you pick out your new hardware and get started on creating the kitchen or bath you’ve always wanted.

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