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Garden Grove Bathroom Vanities

Do you think your bathroom could look better with a brand-new vanity? AC&R Cabinet Works & Design provides top-notch bathroom vanity installations in Garden Grove. Our experienced team members will assist you in picking out an eye-catching new vanity that complements your style and project budget. You can also expect us to arrive on time to complete the installation and handle any questions you have along the way. It’s this guarantee of superior service that has built our reputation for being the best bathroom vanity installers in Los Angeles. We invite you to take a peek at the many positive testimonials we’ve received throughout our 2+ years in business years in business. 

Questions about your next bathroom vanity remodel? Give us a call today to chat with a member of our courteous staff! 

Vanity Options for Bathrooms

Bathroom vanities in Garden Grove come in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and styles. The materials you choose for the countertops and cabinetry will make a huge impact on the pricing of the vanity. 

Selecting the right material for your project budget is vital for getting a vanity you’ll be content with, and these are just a couple of the most common options for vanity countertops:


Quartz bathroom vanities look organic despite being manufactured in a factory. Glossy and durable, they have a reputation for being waterproof, nonporous, and easy to maintain. These characteristics make quartz countertops for vanities optimal for bathrooms.


For a perfect balance of durability and aesthetics, you can’t go wrong with granite bathroom vanities. Granite is an organic stone which means every slab is unique and consists of a gorgeous variety of markings and shades. However, this water-permeable stone does require surface treatment and regular maintenance to maintain its waterproof shell. In addition to that, granite is not the most economical bathroom vanity building material in comparison to others. 

However, if you aim to make an upscale look that will last for a long period, a granite vanity will accomplish that.


Cultured marble is by far the most common countertop style for premade vanities. It’s waterproof, simple to maintain, and budget-friendly. Plus, it looks very similar to authentic marble slabs. That is, you can get the allure and class of a marble bathroom vanity minus the outrageous cost and maintenance checklist. 


Laminate bathroom vanities are budget-conscious and come in a practically limitless collection of finishes, designs, and colors. You can get laminate vanities that look like luxurious materials like marble. Plus, they’re simple to clean and can last a very long time with the appropriate care.

Trusted Bathroom Vanity Installers in Garden Grove

Installing a bathroom vanity may seem challenging, but the truth is that it’s a fairly straightforward undertaking that will have a significant effect on the look and feel of the room. 

Whether you’re planning to indulge in an upgraded master bathroom or provide visitors with a pleasant experience when they stop by, you can count on our talented team to ensure the job is done right. 

We issue complimentary quotes for bathroom vanities in Garden Grove. To schedule yours, give us a call at 714-582-2264 or fill out the quick contact form on our website.

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